Helping Local People
For many years, the resort owners have been active in the local community, contributing time and funds to the development of the local schools and temples as well as participating in general and technical training of Lao agricultural workers and teaching English to local children.

With the opening of Rivertime Resort and Ecolodge, a further expansion of our contribution to local development has been possible.  Of course, the actual construction and initial development of the resort brought much needed income to local families in terms of wages and payment for construction materials and services.  However, this contribution was short-term only.  Long-term contributions to the local community will come from the development of sustainable programs made possible by income generated by guests of the resort.  These programs are aimed initially at providing much needed material assistance to the three local primary schools as well as playing a significant role in the protection and improvement of the local environment.

Helping Local Primary Schools
There are three schools within walking/cycling distance of Rivertime Resort: Ban Na Taer Primary School (across the river), Phon Thong Primary School and Phone Ngam Secondary School. All three schools are in terrible physical condition with inadequate and overcrowded classrooms, as well as lack of classroom furniture and toilet facilities.

Ban Na Taer Village Primary School

Rivertime guest handing our school materials to local children
Rivertime guest handing our school materials to local children

We, along with some generous guests, have so far built a water system for the toilets and installed two ceiling fans in the classrooms at Ban Na Taer Primary School and have also built a toilet and shower unit for the local temple in Phon Thong. We are now collecting books together in an effort to set up small school libraries in these three schools as well as Ban Dong Bang Secondary School a few kilometres down the road since we also have links with that school. Any literary or financial donations are welcome! Rivertime has started the fund off with $200 plus about 20 books but we have a long way to go!
Teaching and study materials are available in the city but are too expensive for most villagers and teachers to afford. Rivertime Resort is developing a sustainable program to assist basic construction and repair, fitting out and purchase of essential educational supplies for children in all three schools. In addition, Rivertime works with national organizations such as the Fund for Promoting Education, the Association for Lao Children, the Ministry of Education and Room to Read, to help promote education of disadvantaged Lao children nationwide. One effort in this regard has been our development of a series of 14 graded, illustrated English readers for Lao Primary School children and two Lao language textbooks for secondary school children which have now been distributed to schools throughout Laos.



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