From the airport
The resort is located about a 50-minute drive from the airport.  Guests booking in advance can arrange on the booking form to be picked up by resort staff and delivered to the resort.  Otherwise, taxis are available outside the airport and arriving guests can use a printout of  the map below to show the driver how to get here (Don’t expect the driver to speak English).

From the Friendship Bridge
Most guests arriving overland from Thailand enter Laos over the Friendship Bridge from Nongkhai.  After passing through immigration and customs, arriving guests can hire a taxi or tuk-tuk to Vientiane or directly to the resort.  Guests coming directly to the resort can use a printout of the map below to show the driver the way.

Location map of Rivertime resort and ecolodge
Location map of Rivertime resort and ecolodge
From Vientiane
Guests coming from Vientiane capital can hire a tuk-tuk from Kua Din Market near the bus station. The normal fare is 20,000 kip per person (about US$2.50) for a shared tuk-tuk, or 200,000 kip (US$20) to hire the vehicle privately. Look for vehicles with the sign saying Thadindeng Village, although the signs are, for the moment, only in Lao. I am planning to ask them to add a sign in English saying Tadindeng / Rivertime Ecolodge though!. Private taxis to Rivertime will cost anywhere from US$25 upwards. You can also arrange for us to pick you up for a flat $20 through email a few days in advance ( or, in urgent cases, Telephone (020 5686 1166).

Thadindeng tuk-tuks outside Morning Market
Tuk-tuk has a sign saying ‘Thadindeng

One of the Thadindeng tuk-tuks at their
stand outside Kua Din Market

The tuk-tuk has a sign saying ‘Thadindeng



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