The Local Area
Rivertime is situated 29 kilometres north-east of the Lao capital on the south bank of the Nam Ngum river (a tributary of the Mekong).  The location is mid-way between Vientiane and the mountainous Phou Khao Kwai National Protected Area (NPA).

The resort is near a village of the Lao Loum ethnic group  (Ban Thadokkham) on one side and the Lao Loum village of Ban Phone Ngam on the other side with the Lao Soong (Hmong) ethnic village of Ban Lak Sip 3 km down the road. Across the river from the resort is another Lao Loum village called Ban Na Taer.  Note: ‘Ban pronounced ‘baan’ is the Lao word for ‘village’

View over rice fields towards the resort and Phou Khao Kwai National Protected Area
View over rice fields towards the resort and Phou Khao Kwai National Protected Area

Each nearby village has its own Buddhist temple and each temple has its own unique style.  Thadokkham temple is the largest.  It is highly-revered and often visited by Vientiane residents.  This is the temple where the resort owner has spent several meditation retreats as a Buddhist monk.  Directly across the river from the resort is Na Taer temple, notable for its unique architecture and temple turtles.  A total of four Buddhist temples are within easy walking distance of the resort.

Also within easy walking or cycling distance are three village primary schools and the main agricultural research centre of Laos.  The schools and the research centre all welcome visits which can be easily arranged by the resort management.

The Resort Lodges
The resort currently has seven private lodges and two 3-bed dormitories.  Each family-sized lodge has been constructed within old secondary forest, yet with beautiful views of the Nam Ngum river.  All lodges have wide balconies overlooking the river towards the mountains of Phou Khao Kwai National Protected Area. The Community Lodge consists of 3 attached rooms, the two 3-bed dormitories and a staff bedroom, with an extra-long balcony.

Resort lodge  Resort lodge

Private bathroom resort lodge

There are three types of lodge - single lodges with private, western-style bathrooms and private balcony; paired lodges with private, western-style bathrooms and sharing a balcony with one adjacent lodge; and two 3-bed dormitories with outside shared bathroom and large, communal balcony shared with two adjacent lodges.

The lodges vary from each other in terms of exterior and interior design, reflecting the particular forest location in which they are set, and to maximize river views. 

The Resort Grounds

Resort groundsRoad leading to the resort
Road leading to the resort                                     

The resort nestles in a large area of old-growth secondary forest on the south bank of the Nam Ngum river.  During the construction of the resort in 2006-2007, we took great care to ensure that the natural environment of the forest be retained.  All lodges and resort buildings are placed in their own unique environment and designed in such a way as to leave all surrounding trees intact.


The resort is crisscrossed by a series of paths connecting the lodges and resort facilities.  The forest and land through which the paths lead has been left to continue developing naturally, enabling visitors to have easy access to all parts of the resort while leaving the natural environment intact.


The Garden Restaurant
The Garden Restaurant and organic vegetable garden are adjacent to Rivertime Resort.  It is owned and operated by Thanongsak, a retired but young Thai executive, who came to live in Laos to get away from the poor environment and hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

Garden restaurant
Garden restaurant

Garden restaurant

The area of the Garden Restaurant and Kitchen Garden, contains more than 90 kinds of Southeast Asian decorative plants, trees and organic vegetables for guests to appreciate.  There are several ‘salas’ inside the garden where guests can sit and enjoy their meals, as well as salas built on the river bank where guests can enjoy a panoramic river view while relaxing or ordering food and drinks from the restaurant.

The Floating Restaurant
A floating restaurant built on bamboo rafting serves Lao and European dishes and provides guests with a surround view of the Nam Ngum river while they enjoy their food.  The main restaurant can seat up to 80 guests. 

Floating restaurant

The Floating Restaurant

Guest with local children on the floating restaurant

Guest with local children on the floating restaurant

The restaurant includes a bar and also provides access to the resort’s long-tailed riverboats for trips to places of interest both upstream and downstream from the resort.

Early morning view from the floating restaurant
Early morning view from the floating restaurant

Traditional Lao Massage
A woman skilled in traditional Lao massages from the village next door is almost always free and happy to come and give massages to guests in their rooms.



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