Really nice place with fantastic staff

Mar 1, 2009

Stayed just one night due to lack of time. The lodge was lovely and big and really clean. The staff were immense - the girl at reception was wonderful and really friendly. Had the best nights sleep in the comfy room. Next morning kids were running around playing and enjoying themselves swimming - a great vibe.Went on a great river cruise and then onto a local village. What really made our short time so wonderful were the people / staff - they were so nice.. Couldn't recommend enough for a few nights relaxation with great people.

Serene Living
Chicago Mar 2, 2009

We happened upon Rivertime Resort and are extremely happy that we did. What drew us to this resort was the fact it had a playground. We have two young children 1yr and 3yr so we wanted to make sure they would have some fun. We arrived via the border from Thailand to Laos where they had someone waiting for us who helped us with all the forms and fees. The resort is in a picturesque setting and very laid back and peaceful. We happened to be there during the Hmong new year and the staff was able to set up transportation to the local festivities for our family. The restaurant had amazing food that we have yet to find a rival for with some of the best rice ever. All in all we enjoyed are time very much and look forward to making it back once again.

I cannot recommend Rivertime highly enough. Although 40 minutes from Vientiane it was FANTASTIC. Food was great, the staff were fab and the local village tour was ace! Not the place for wild partying but a really chillled out, beautiful place to stay. Would definitely stay there again!
sel_shah, England | Female 25-30 | 24th January 2009

A very worthwhile place to stay. The staff make you feel very welcome, the food is excellent and the dorms are very clean with views over the river. Internet can be a bit hit and miss and can get cold during the dry season but small beer in an otherwise excellent facility
Paul, England | Male 31-40 |
13th January 2009

Dec 27, 2008
Rivertime resort is a great place to get away. There is not much to do/see in Vientiane, and Rivertime resort is only about 45 minutes from Vientiane. The resort is comfortable give you a "real" Laos experience. I definitely recommend taking a bike to the neighboring villages and seeing how the locals live.

The floating restaurant is great and has very friendly service. The fresh fish is amazing, and cooked to perfection.

This is a great place to get away and relax.

Be sure to print the map from the Rivertime resort website so you can show this to a tuk tuk driver. You can get to the Rivertime resort via shared tuk tuk for 10,000 or 20,000 kip ( about 2 USD).

This is a great find, and is still off the beaten path because it has not made it into the guide books yet (only because it is new).
Would I recommend this hotel to my best friend?

Very nice place to stay, with very helpful and friendly staff and great activities if you want to get a feel of true Laos. Although outside the city, a short tuk tuk ride is easy to get.
dpanu8738, Australia | Male 18-24 | 10th December 2008

Serene. Many tourists will tell you that Vientiane is worth skipping. This is likely because they haven't gotten out of the city. Rivertime Resort and Ecolodge is in a beautiful natural location and the staff are genuine and friendly. If you're looking to chill out and take a break this is the perfect spot to sit down and remember why you're travelling. Definitely worth checking out.
lukefiander1413, Canada | Male 25-30 |
15th December 2008

This is a great value for a short vacation from Vientiane. Great food at the restaurant, friendly staff and free Internet access make travelers feel home away from home. For the serenity of the river, I will definitely come back and recommend to other travelers.
Kyung Bae, South Korea |   |
08th October 2008

Perry family, Seoul, Feb 10, 2008

When planning our third trip to Laos (two adults and one 5 year old) we wanted some thing off the tourist path (last time we went to Vang Vieng???) and not far from the capital where we would be visiting my brother and his family.
Rivertime Resort sits on the bank of the Nam Ngum river and it's setting is spectacular!
You can get a tuk-tuk from the morning market but we were driven out and it took a bit less than an hour.

We stayed in a private lodge, but semi detached and dorm lodges are available. At the time we stayed the resort was brand new and we were the second guests to stay. The cabins all have views down to the river and paths to the floating restaurant. Before booking we inquired if there were bikes (we just wanted to know if they had one small enough for our son) , fishing equipment and life jackets. When we arrived ALL of these things were waiting for us.

From the time we entered the resort the staff went out of their way to make us welcome and to make sure we were happy. When using the bikes a staff member showed us around the nearby Lao Loum village and its temple (the village kids played with my son for hours) and on another occasion another person showed us the traditional Lao doctor practicing across the river in Ban Na Taer (even wearing a life jacket so my son would which i'm sure is very uncool for a young Lao man). These things weren't added extras on our bill but part of the service. I cannot reccomend Rivertime enough.

After four great days we were taken by raft boat down river (a two hour trip and a highlight) to Ban Pako Eco Lodge. This lodge has been operating for some time and is starting to need an update.

It also has a spectacular setting but up high off the river. We went on a tour across the river (no life jackets this time). The village and what’s left of the forest (ie: very very little) is worth a visit and we were accompanied by a part owner of the lodge which was great and very informative.

This time however we were charged $20 a head for the tour. Ban Pako does charge extra for all activities but still worth the visit just make sure the large part of your stay is up river at Rivertime!

Anonymous, London, Mar 30, 2008

Great resort with loads of possibilities to explore the real rural Laos. I had a big bungalow with a porch overlooking the river. The resort has been built without cutting one single tree.  There are a few villages close to the resort that can be explored. I took a excursion with one of the guides from Rivertime resort and we visited the villages around including a Hmong market in the afternoon. I even could attend a baci ceremony in one of the villages!!.

I organized a book party for the school village across the river and the staff from the resort helped me organizing everything. Even if this was the first time that they organized such an event, they were so helpful and went beyond their duties to help with everything. I would not have been able to organize that event without their help!.
They do have a floating restaurant that moves up with the river growth. In there, they have their own fish that can be cooked freshly in a traditional way

In the evenings, the staff from the resort and kids from the village come to swim in the river. It is wonderful to watch the life passing slowly...

The resort also has a boat that you can take to do some excursions. I went down the river for half a day and you can see the different villages, or the people crossing the river with their crops, etc. I also went to Vientiane and around for day excursions from here, since the location is approximately an hour away.

Rivertime Resort makes a great choice if you are looking to experience rural life in Laos but still where you can be active and do some activities during the day. Not being far away from Vientiane, you can make this a place to go for a day excursion.


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