Local Boat trips
After boarding the long-tailed riverboat at the floating restaurant, Rivertime guests can choose to spend a relaxing hour sailing upstream and downstream from the resort.  The trip takes us past three temples located on the riverbank, and we spend the entire journey surrounded by extensive areas of beautiful, old growth forest.  We can also visit the traditional healer in Na Taer village to see him treat his patients in a sala outside his home near the Nam Ngum river.

Local Schools Tour (half day)
We take the ecolodge longtailed riverboat directly across the river to Na Taer village then walk for 15 minutes to the local primary school.  Guests at our ecolodge, along with a Lao charity (www.bigbrothermouse.com) provide ongoing assistance to the children of this and other local primary schools by providing school textbooks and Lao/English readers, along with other educational materials. We also provided the funding for a water system for the school toilets .
Local Village Primary School

Local Village Primary School


Our Activities

Floating Restaurant
Our floating restaurant has hammocks, a floating swimming pool with inner tubes for adults,  life jackets for non-swimmers and rubber rings and floats for children, a two-man canoe, a small long-tailed boat and several different places to eat or have a drink either in the sun or in the shade. The current is quite strong and guests often like to jump in one end and float down and climb out up the steps at the other end or take the boat upstream a bit and tube back down.

Na Taer Village
A short boat ride across the river is the village of Ban Na Taer with a beautiful temple, a primary school and a traditional healer known across Laos for his power to heal by blowing on the affected area through a straw. A member of our staff can take you across in our boat and show you around and answer any questions you may have or you can take the local ferry across and have a look yourselves.

Lak Sip Village
Three kilometres down the road is the village of Ban Lak Sip, a large Hmong village with over 400 families. The tour involves a visit to the small Hmong market, a walk through the housing area, including a look at their prized fighting cows, and a visit to the nearby secondary school which has over 800 students.

Local Weaving Village
There is a small village nearby where the villagers do traditional weaving of the traditional Lao skirt, the “Sinh” using a wooden loom with a bobbin and pedals. They also usually have some of the sinhs they make for sale.

Local Boat Trip
You can take a boat trip of one or several hours upstream or downstream to observe the locals at work and play. Guests also often like to go upstream and take our inner tubes or two-man canoe and float, paddle or simply swim back down. Food and drinks can also be taken on the boat.

Traditional Massage
A highly-skilled woman from the local village often comes to give guests a traditional Lao massage which is a lot softer than the Thai version. The massages are taken in the comfort of your own lodge and can be arranged at any time.

Ecolodge Trail
Our resort is still mainly natural secondary forest and we have a small path which runs through it for guests to walk along. The path is not that long but it certainly is very wild and full of nature and forest foliage.

Lao Cooking Classes
Our cooking staff can show you how to prepare traditional Lao food from scratch in our kitchen and explain the ingredients and preparation methods to you as you go along. Guests choose two dishes plus either steamed or sticky rice and then chop and prepare the ingredients before eating the results!

Walk or Cycle to Local Temples & Villages
We have several bicycles which guests can use for free and go out and explore the local villages and temples.




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