Laos Holiday Travel

Laos  Holiday Travel

Fun In Laos

Laos is a small country in Southeast Asia, tucked between Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Laos stands out from the rest of the Southeastern Asian countries for its simplicity and laid-back atmosphere. Unlike other Asian countries, Laos retains much of the “old world” style living. You can walk through rice patties, wander down a jungle trail or enjoy a French-inspired meal. The small country is an ideal travel destination, full of breathtaking nature and a quiet way of life that has been lost in today’s hustle and bustle.


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 The Mekong River

While in Laos, take a stroll through their many temples honoring Buddha. Huge statues of Buddha speak to their strong ties to Buddhism, despite having been originally founded as a French colony. Because Laos was originally colonized by the French you will find French influences throughout the country, most notably in Vientiane, the capital.

One thing to note about Laos is that it is one of the only remaining Communist counties in the world. Visitors to Laos must take care to follow rules and not find themselves in too much trouble!

Despite their choice of government, Laos remains an exceptional place to travel without as many tourists as other countries in Southeast Asia. Their laid-back atmosphere and winding rivers just breathe tranquility and peace. The temples that scatter the country are ornate and beautiful with giant works of art and exquisite architecture.

While in Laos, there are some must-see spots. The Mekong River runs through the entire country, twisting and turning and bringing an important lifeline of water and food to the landlocked nation. On the Mekong, you can cruise on a slow boat ride enjoying the sunset or take a stab at fishing.

Another must-see is Phonsali, a small town in the north with some of the most breathtaking views in the country. Rice patties fill the valleys and the surrounding countryside is lush and green, allowing for an endless amount of hiking and photo opportunities. Because Laos is still so isolated and undeveloped, wild animals roam in the jungles and countryside. Perhaps a glimpse of a baboon or an elephant is in your future!

Make you sure you add the Waterfalls of the Bolaven Plateau to your itinerary as well. The waterfalls cascade down the rocks while being surrounded by a lush forest, a breathtaking scene that must be seen to be believed. Being such a laid-back, old-fashioned country, Laos offers so many breathtaking opportunities to just immerse yourself in nature. The hikes, zip lining, and river cruises all your time to fully soak in all that Laos’ has to offer.

As if the picturesque countryside was not enough, Laos has an endless offering of local food and even Beer Lao to complete the feast. The food is rich with herbs and spices, often spicy but a cold beer washes it down just right.

Laos doesn’t get as much attention as Thailand or Vietnam but tucked in between the other countries of Southeast Asia, Laos remains an oasis of old time culture, traditions, and tranquility.

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