Laos Travel Guide

Laos Travel Guide

Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast of Asia with a population of about 7 million as per the estimate in 2013. Its neighboring countries are Vietnam, China, Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar. The country is cut across by the Mekong River- world’s 12th longest river. The tourism sector is the biggest in this country which explains the wide range of places of nature, activities, events,  as well as food that you can visit and enjoy once in Laos. Below is a Laos travel guide & advice for your next visit which will help maximize your time in the country.



Nature forms the most amazing part of tourism in the whole world- things you cannot really explain fully how they formed. In a case you can explain, it’s still amazing. Laos is not left behind and you will be enchanted by watching the sunset after taking 328 steps at Mount Phou Si. There are also caves such as Vieng Xai Cave City which was the living quarters for the soldiers of Laos and forms architectural features above the ground. For the females or even male, the green hills of the country are covered in blooming opium and orchid flowers which forms an amazing site, a great one to take pictures. There is a Plain of jars- thousands of stone jars in three different sites as well as Kuang Si Falls which has an amazing site.



There is a wide range of activities to engage into while in Laos. Kayaking is one of the main one as well as climbing. In fact, doing kayak or climbing the Karst Hills will give you the best views and help you explore this tourism-rich country. For those who love wild animals, and especially the elephant, Elephant Conservation Centre gives you a chance to cater to them. There is also the Gibbon Experience for height lovers; the highest treehouses in the world are connected with the help of zip lines where one can spend two or three nights. Other activities to enjoy in Laos are tubing, trekking to Bolaven Plateau and Tad Fane Waterfall as well as canopy tours.


Being fully drawn to their culture, the Lao people hold various events which will fully interest you as a visitor in their motherland. The main events are Pi Mi Lao or Lao New Year which is around April 13th to 15th and instead of holding family dinners or fireworks, the Lao hold a temple worship with splashing water and street food. Boun Bang Fai or Rocket festival is also an enjoyable event where you have a chance to send off a rocket to the Lao god of rain.




You definitely want to explore all the above wonderful sites and activities with a full stomach to keep your mood high and happy; a hungry man is an ugly man right? The Lao people pride in various foods such as Khao Ram rice in Bamboo, Khao Poun soup, Lao-Lao whiskey and Kaipen which is a river weed.

laos food

Having this Lao travel guide & advice for your next visit with you, you may consider visiting Lao to experience all the amazing features, activities as well enjoy their food.