7 Great Family Activities in Laos

7 Great Family Activities in Laos

Activities in Laos

Laos is one of the best and beautiful places in the world so far which could offer the best and attractive destinations for you and your family. The region has some of the oldest and captivating sites existing in the world. It is one great place that you may take your family for a vacation.


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Some of the 7 great family activities in Laos include:


  1. Adventure in Luang Prabang 

Luang Prabang is on the Northern side of Laos. The region is surrounded by mountains making it a good place for adventure. With your family, you can choose to use e-bikes and move around the beautiful scenery as you enjoy the captivating view. It also has old landmarks which are an excellent site. An example of such a landmark is the former Royal Palace which currently is the region’s national Museum.


  1. Canopy Riding on the River Mekong

River Mekong is located in the Luang Prabang region. If you have to visit Laos during the rainy season, then this is one of a must visit place together with your family. The slow-moving water offers a captivating view for anyone touring the region. Spending a day at the river would be one of the captivating experiences that you may have with your family.


  1. Buying Fabrics at Ock Pop Tok

Ock Pop Tok is one of the places that has the best Lao cultural fabric materials. You find traders making the different fabrics who are friendly and can teach you on how to do it. Children may love the thrill associated with knitting the traditional materials. The family may still learn the different dying techniques used on fabrics.


  1. Visiting the Tham Kong Lo Cave

The cave is located at the Southern side of the capital. The cave came into existence after river Nam Hin Bin made its way through the limestone caves. The site is captivating to take a boat ride together with your family. It’s a four-mile strip which has colored lights making it be one of the beautiful places at Laos.

  1. Swimming and Basking at La Pistoche

During March to May, this is one of the must-visit sites you should visit together with your family. The weather at this time is usually hot, and probably a dip together with your family may do you good. The region has swimming pools for kids which are filled with toys. They offer adequate basking spaces where you can coll off as you enjoy the serene environment. Some hotels in the region have rooftop pools which allow swimmers to have a good view of the mountains.


  1. Visit Organic Farms

While at Laos, you can plan to take your family to the organic farm located outside the town. The farm is outstanding from the unique innovation techniques used. The organic farm is well known for goat keeping and goat cheese production. While at the farm you can take cooking classes and spend time at the mud houses.


  1. Tour The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of the well-known family tour sites at Laos. It has an attractive environment and features which make it one of the best places in Laos. You can take a picnic with your family and visit the different caves and enjoy the environment. There are also zip lining activities that take place in the region and can be an excellent way to spend an afternoon.


These are some of the 7 great family activities in Laos. If you have the chance to visit Laos with your family, then one or a few of the sites can be on your mind. They offer children and family-oriented activities which would make everyone happy.


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