Staining a wooden shutter or any other part of your house greatly differs from staining a Children’s playground. There a quite a few things that need to be done differently or added to ensure that it is safe and healthy for the kids that would be using the playground. Article Sponsor: Line Striping Indianapolis

Things like not staining the railings, not using water based, oil-based stains and sealants as they’re known to be unsafe for children. Extra care and attention have to be employed when staining kids playground to ensure that the playground is children friendly, and everything used is the right type of material. This is done so it can protect the wood which in turn keeps the children using the playground safe from injuries amongst other things.

While oil-based stains and water-based stains have their benefits, they give off an odor that fumes and is regarded as offensive, hence, it is highly inadvisable to use any of these when staining your children’s playground or wooden play set.

Professional staining for your kid’s playground set

Staining a children’s playground is often very careful business as children safety are on the line. Sometimes, seeking professional help can be the way to go but there are tips and tricks that help you do this and do it professionally. When staining your children’s playground professionally, to avoid any mishaps, remove anything but the wood that you intend to stain. That means anything that isn’t wood based should be set aside.

Next step is to use a bleach and water solution in a half and half measure to hose down the wood. Ensure that this gets to every part of the wooden structure. This would help to remove any dirt that may have coped itself up in there or even mildew. After this process, it should be left for 24 hours to dry and then inspected to be sure it’s all dried up before you begin. Get a pump sprayer from your local hardware store to help this process go on more smoothly. Your wooden set should be good as new and professionally done when you’re finished with these steps. Allow the set to dry for another 24 hours and you’re good to go.

When should you stain your kid’s playset?

Staining your kid’s playset is something that should be done very regularly to prevent damage and breaking. Proper staining and treatment of your kid’s playset would help the wood stay in shape and therefore ensuring the continual safety for your child’s use. Hence, this should be done very regularly to prevent damage and maintain the beauty of the playset. However, it is important to note that staining is not advisable in a highly humid environment or a temperature that falls below 40°C. This can cause it to dry very slowly and is not advised.

How often should you stain your kid’s playset?

Your child’s wooden play-set can be beautiful but as a material that is situated among the elements, wind, sun, snow, this can greatly affect your kid’s play-set. Being an outdoor product, this maintenance should be done as regular as every 6 months to a year. This would help it stay healthy for use and safe, preventing breakage and injuries.

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